Alberta Powersports is selling this beautiful 2012 Kawasaki Vaquero 1700cc Metric Touring bike with Aftermarket upgrades. FINANCING AVAILABLE. EVERYONE APPROVED. EASY APPLICATION. MONTHLY PAYMENTS AS LOW AS $220 oac. only 17,300km.

Alberta Powersports is one of the leading suppliers of quality used Powersports, We sell ATV’s, Motorcycles, UTV’s, Snowmobiles and more. We have a full parts and accessories desk and full service shop with a $90/hr shop rate.

$11,000 (no hidden dealer fees)
Fully inspected and serviced
After market Handle Bars
Powder coated crash bars
Blacked out removable Signal light covers
Removable Bag liners/Luggage
Extended removable windshield
Radio works.
Only 17,300KM
Vance&Hines Slip on Mufflers, (SOUNDS GREAT!!)

Liquid-cooled, four valves per cylinder, fuel-injected 1700cc 52-degree V-twin engine
Long-stroke 102 x 104mm bore and stroke dimensions deliver high torque levels with a distinct V-twin feel
Valve-actuation system uses a single overhead cam arrangement instead of pushrods for quicker revving and enhanced mid-high rpm power
Semi-dry sump design allows lower crankshaft positioning and a longer piston stroke without increasing engine height
Single-pin crankshaft accentuates the engine’s V-twin character by providing strong power pulses
Large-capacity airbox is located on both sides of the engine
Small-diameter iridium sparkplugs reach deep into the combustion chamber for high combustion efficiency, especially during low-load operation
Engine tuning, combined with long-stroke design, offers superior acceleration in the 50-70 mph range
Even in overdrive (5th and 6th gear) the engine pulls strongly, making highway passing easier
Fully electronic throttle actuation system enables the ECU to control the volume of intake air (via throttle valve angle) and fuel (via fuel injector timing) delivered to the engine
Optimized injector timing and throttle valve position results in accurate, powerful engine response
Control of both injection and airflow provides easy starting and precise cold-engine idle speed control
From the rider’s perspective, the ETV system works like a standard cable-operated throttle; the throttle grip remains connected to cables, so the feel at the grip is the same
Twisting the throttle turns a pulley on the throttle body, which triggers the Accelerator Position Sensor (APS) to send a signal to the ECU, which then modulates the throttle valves via a DC motor
Accurate throttle position is relayed to the ECU by a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
APS and TPS send two sets of signals to the ECU for system redundancy in the unlikely event of a sensor failure

Note from the Sales Manager: I took this bike out for a good ride, this is the second Vaquero I’ve had the pleasure of riding and selling through Alberta Powersports, They are a extremely comfortable and powerful bike. Lots of low gear power and torque, a easy and enjoyable display with a retro look and all the information you could need. Again ill mention the smooth power that these bikes have, I’m a huge fan. A great touring model for anyone. Come by the shop and if the weather agrees with us. Lets jump on some bikes and go for a test ride.

700 Highfield Drive Carstairs AB Canada T0M0N0