The 6-ply rated “Outlaw” was designed to be durable and puncture resistant, but 3-4 pounds lighter than most tires to maximize horsepower.

The tread bar design features a rounded tip, paddle-like, cupped lug and is a full 1-1/4″ deep for improved traction. The cupped lugs help propel the ATV forward as opposed to cutting through the mud and digging a hole like some sharp tread tip competitor tires do. The “Outlaw” design also puts more rubber on the ground for longer tire life, and resistance to tread tears and tip wear. A major feature is the tread wrap around the sidewall on 28×12.5×12 and 26x12x12 models is a full 1-1/2” deep at the corner to provide traction from the sidewall as well as the main tread. This gives you about 40% more pulling area (2 extra inches of tread down each sidewall). The design includes a large and unrestricted space between the lugs for superior self-cleaning capabilities.


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