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Replacement Skis Only Available Online


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Are you looking at replacing your snowmobile skis? It is definitely the opportune time to opt for a ski that will improve your snowmobile’s drive. How does one decide? There is much to choose from, and it is sometimes difficult to make an informed choice. Here are three suggestions specifically recommended for those who appreciate precision driving and curve control.

alberta powersports/ snowmobile/ ski


Lightweight, stable and efficient in all conditions, the Rush ski is one of the most interesting choices. The unique keel design helps reduce steering effort and swaying which greatly improves the driving experience. The Rush ski is versatile and can be equipped with different carbide runners that improve performance and are compatible with some OEM runners. They come in seven bright and trendy colours, giving your snowmobile that personal touch.

Interest for the Rush also lies in the fact that it is available at a most affordable price, and to top that, it’s sold in a complete kit which includes: skis, runners, handles and adaptors.

Simple and efficient: purchase, install and enjoy! Worry free, Rush skis are really all inclusive.


Rush Ski: starting at $89.99
Full Rush Ski Kit: starting at $289.99


alberta powersports/ snowmobile/ ski

Do you enjoy taking on those curves aggressively? You will no doubt be thrilled about the Arrow Ski II’s performance. With its unique design, and thanks to its double keel, this ski provides you with control and unmatched stability in the turns.

Lightweight, agile, performance oriented with lots of bite! Arrow II Ski: Ideal for the bold and brave!

Arrow II Ski: starting at $99.99


alberta powersports/ snowmobile/ skis

Looking for a leading technology? With the Stealth ski, you will discover exceptional driving stability! With its innovative design, the Stealth is the only ski on the market with runners only, and without a keel. This feature keeps you from ‘‘falling’’ into the tracks left by other snowmobilers when swaying occurs, thus a great help to reduce steering effort. Because of their revolutionary design, Stealth skis also erase their own tracks in a way, leaving the trail intact after passing through. Distance between the skis is also adjustable for optimal configuration. Offered in white or black, Stealth Skis are wider, providing better flotation on the snow if you must go off trail.

Making your own trail without falling into others’ tracks: Is that not every snowmobiler’s dream? Sporty and precise, regardless of conditions, switch to stealth mode with Stealth skis and rediscover the fun of sharing trails!

Stealth Ski: starting at $109.99


the original article is by https://kimpexnews.com/2017/12/looking-for-new-snowmobile-skis-read-this/


2018 Calgary Motorcycle Show


Calgary Motorcycle Show this Weekend Jan 5-7 2018

When the snow starts flying, where can you go to get your fix of two-wheel, three-wheel and four-wheel action!
THE 2018 CALGARY MOTORCYCLE SHOW – the ultimate get-together for riders and future riders.
See all the NEW 2018 motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and side-by-sides, all under one roof. Meet tons of experts, check out the latest gear and apparel, and get all-revved up for your next adventure!
Whether you’re a hardcore rider or a recreational enthusiast, a curious fan or just tired of the cold winter weather, The 2018 Calgary Motorcycle Show has got you covered!



Enjoy the show!
If your taking a look around this weekend at the Calgary Motorcycle Show be sure to enjoy all of the brand new models and accessories available. The world of Motorcycles is forever evolving and growing.

Alberta Powersports will not be at the show as a booth but will be there as guests enjoying the wonderful world of motorcycles, be sure to check out www.albertapowersports.com to find accessories that caught your attention at the show delivered right to your door!




Motorcycle Tire Science (or ‘why did my tire explode at 300km/h?’)


Second only to the power-train that drives them, tires are one of the most important factors when it comes to motorcycle handling and performance. The tire is the last link in the chain that propels a motorcycle forward, and the first line of defense when braking. If you have a tire that isn’t being used in accordance with its’ intended purpose, serious injury and/or death could occur. ALWAYS make sure you are informed on the limitations of your tires and their intended purpose.

The first factor to consider is tire size. Most Canadian dealers/retailers use metric tire sizing, though there are many cases where you may find an imperial measurement on your motorcycle tire, depending on the age of the tire. You should always be able to find the tire sizing on the side of the tire, and from there most people don’t need to worry about the technical aspects. However it can be handy to understand how the sizing breaks down when purchasing a new tire for your motorcycle.

The most distinctive feature of the metric tire sizing is it’s reference to a percentile, usually anywhere from 50-120, which can be translated to 50%-120%. This is referring to the sidewall/tire height against the tread width, also known as aspect ratio. The final number is the rim size. Imperial tire sizing will be much simpler, however it reads in two different ways depending on the application and/or manufacturer.The METRIC tire size (130/100-19), the first number is tread width in millimeters(mm), the second number is the percentage mentioned above. In this case, (130) means the tire has a tread that’s (130mm) wide, and the sidewall is (100%) of that number. So the tire has a tread width of 130mm, and a sidewall height of 130mm(100% of 130). The number at the end indicates the rim size in inches, in this case being a 19″ rim. Sometimes the letter ‘R’ accompanies the rim size, this indicates it is a radial tire.

As for standard inch measurements, it sometimes simply reads as (W x H – Rim Diameter). So in the  tire size (4.50/4.75-16), the (4.50) can be read as a tire width of (4.5″), a tire height of (4.75″), and a rim size of (16″).

The second thing you will want to check when ordering or purchasing a new tire for your motorcycle will be the load and speed ratings. The load rating is what determines what weight the tire is designed to withstand at the recommended or maximum tire pressure. This can vary from motorcycle to motorcycle, and is not entirely dependent on the weight of the motorcycle, or even the combined weight of rider and motorcycle. Certain conditions such as a stiffer suspension can put more shock load on the tire itself, whereas a softer suspension will help take some of the pressure off. For this reason it is not recommended to cut corners when it comes to load ratings, always try to match the rating on your current tire, or beat it. The higher the load rating, the stiffer the sidewalls, don’t go overboard or else a rough ride will result.

The load rating is indicated by an LI(Load Index), which usually presents itself as a two-digit number ranging anywhere from 33 to 80 in most cases. Most motorcycle tires are within the 50-80 range, always go with the same rating that came with the motorcycle from factory, or higher. Never lower.

Speed ratings can be dealt with similarly, however if your motorcycle has had any significant change in gearing and/or performance modifications for speed, you may need to review the factory ratings. They are indicated on the tire as a single letter, ranging from J all the way up to Y (and Z for car tires).

Check out THIS link for a chart from Maxxis explaining what each speed rating and load index means.

Finally, the last thing to consider is the tire itself. Brand makes a significant difference from tire to tire, even if they’re the same size, and have the same load and speed ratings. Dunlop’s cruiser tires for example are a softer tire that grips asphalt very well, though they tend to wear a lot quicker than most riders would like. A Metzler High Mileage 888 tire will last for nearly double the mileage, but doesn’t have the cornering stability some riders need.

Luckily for you, Alberta Powersports is open 6 days a week to help you with your tire purchase. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns!

New Helmet Laws!


As of May 2017, the Alberta government requires the use of a proper helmet while riding any off road vehicle in a public land use area.

“Thousands of people are injured every year while riding off-highway vehicles (OHVs) in Alberta. According to the Injury Prevention Centre, many of those injuries involve head trauma to riders who weren’t wearing helmets.


As of May 15, 2017, CSA-compliant helmets must be worn by OHV users when riding on public land. Public land means Crown land, including areas that have been designated for public OHV use, public roadway and highway rights-of-way.”


Alberta Powersports cares about your safety, so here are some things to consider when purchasing an off-road helmet!

Types of Helmets:
Full Face – These helmets provide the best protection. They come with a built in face shield that extends in front of your chin and mouth, so in the event of a crash, your face will be protected from scrapes and impacts. These helmets usually have a visor as well, to keep wind, dust, and bugs off of your face. Although they cover the whole face, these helmets are usually more rigid than a Motocross helmet, so if you are mainly doing off-road riding, a Motocross helmet will provide better impact absorption.

Open Face – These helmets provide the least amount of protection and does not cover any of the face area. These helmets will protect you from direct head impacts, however they are not recommended for ATV or Dirt Bike Use.

Off-Road & Motocross Helmets – These helmets are engineered specifically for off road use, and are the best choice for ATVing or riding a Dirt Bike. The helmet covers most of the face, and they are built from special materials that have maximum impact dissipating capabilities. These helmets also offer the best ventilation to keep you cool during your ride.

Alberta Powersports has a wide selection of helmets, both in our store in Carstairs, AB, and on our online store. Give us a shout, or visit our online store to learn more!

Amsoil Premium Lubricants


” AMSOIL specializes in developing synthetic lubricants that offer innovative answers to the greatest challenges vehicles and equipment present. The extraordinary performance of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in a range of markets – automotive, powersports, industrial, racing and more – has made our influence in the industry unmistakable and our brand highly respected. Our commitment to innovation has resulted in legions of brand-loyal customers.”


Alberta Powersports is an authorized dealer of Amsoil premium lubricants. Whether you are shopping for your motorcycle, quad, side by side, boat, or power equipment, we have the best lubrication products in a wide selection in stock at our location in Carstairs, Alberta.


To find out which product is right for you, check out the Amsoil lubricant guide by following this link.
Or give us a call at (403) 337-3705 for assistance, and one of our skilled sales specialists will be able to help you select the correct products!

Castle Parks Closure


The Alberta government has announced new boundaries for the protected areas in southwestern Alberta.
The objective of the new boundaries is to preserve over 1,000 square kilometers of mountains and foothills. Although this sounds great for our environment, many Albertans who take interest in camping and OHV riding are not pleased with the provincial government’s new decisions.

Premier Rachel Notley believes that although Albertans need places like castle mountain to enjoy and use for recreation, OHV use in the area is harming the land. The government aims to reclaim a large portion of the land, so that it can be brought back to it’s natural state.

“We are campers, we are hikers, we are mountain bikers and we are much more. We are weekend warriors to the very core, and when you work as hard as Albertans do, you need places like this — a sanctuary, a means of escape from the daily grind, a way to breathe and reconnect with nature,”

  • Rachel Notley

The new protection measures could mean that random camping and off-highway vehicle use could be completely phased out in this area over the course of three to five years.

The changes, however, will open up an opportunity for 44 new jobs to help maintain the parks, therefore providing an economic gain and creating some new jobs in the province.

Pitster Pro – Quality Pit Bikes & Mini Bikes


Alberta Powersports, Alberta’s leader in Motorcycles, Boats, ATVs, and Power Equipment

Pitster Pro was founded out of a need for an “out of the box” competitive Pit Bike. Pit bikes have been around for years and began life as basic transportation around the “Pits” during various race events. Naturally, boys will be boys and these racers began hopping up their bikes with larger motors and lightweight components, while still maintaining the small wheel size. This led to what is now sanctioned Pit Bike racing.

-Pitster Pro Canada (pitsterprocanada.com)


At Alberta Powersports, we carry several models of Pitster Pro motorcycles in stock at our showroom!
Click the links below to learn detailed information about the models that we stock!

Pitster Pro Motorcycles:

X5 140R

We also retail other models, however they are only available on special order. If you are interested in a model that is not listed above, please contact us today and ask for more information!

If you would like to see these awesome pit bikes in person, or want to speak with one of our sales representatives, come on down to Alberta Powersports, located at 700 Highfield Drive, Carstairs, AB


Country Clipper – Zero Turn Mowers


Alberta Powersports, Alberta’s leader in Motorcycles, Boats, ATVs, and Power Equipment, is excited to announce that we are now an authorized retailer for Country Clipper Zero Turn Mowers!

“Launched in 1984, Shivvers created the Country Clipper Zero Turn Mower and was a leader ahead of its time.  Country Clipper produced zero turn mowers for other leading brands in the industry.  Today, Country Clipper designs and builds its own brand and has a loyal, dedicated dealer network throughout North America and other countries.  

For more than 30 years, Country Clipper has designed, built and marketed zero turn mowers and accessories for both lawn care professionals and residential homeowners.  We are one of the first eight zero turn mower manufacturers in the industry.  Whether you are mowing a small yard, manicuring a 3-acre estate, or you are a lawn care professional, Country Clipper has a zero turn mower that will meet your needs.  Compare us to the competition and when you do, you will choose Country Clipper, as nothing else comes close.”

-Country Clipper (www.countryclipper.com)

Country Clipper is a manufacturer of zero turn ride on mowers and we are thrilled to add this great brand to our growing line of lawn & garden power equipment.
As one of the only authorized retailers in Alberta, we are proud to have the opportunity to demonstrate and offer this product to our customers.

If you are in the market for a new ride on mower, come on down to our showroom in Carstairs, Alberta, and we would be happy to show you our new Country Clipper Zero Turn Mowers, and assist you in selecting the right model for your yard!



Columbia Lawn & Garden Equipment




Gear up for the summer season with affordable and reliable lawn & garden equipment from Columbia!

“For over a century, Columbia has built a rich tradition of quality craftsmanship, innovative products, and trusted service. Originating as a manufacturer of bicycles, the Columbia brand has leveraged it’s deep roots in manufacturing expertise to produce best-in-class outdoor power products for residential lawn care, cultivation, chore, and snow removal.”

-Columbia Equipment (www.columbiaequip.ca)

Choosing the right ride-on mower can be overwhelming, but Alberta Powersports is here to help you through the process.
Alberta Powersports, located in Carstairs, AB, is an authorized dealer for Columbia lawn & garden machines. We carry a large variety of Columbia lawnmowers, zero-turn mowers, push mowers and snow removal equipment.

As a certified dealer, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and offer many advantages compared to non-authorized dealers. We can arrange home delivery for your purchase and set up your equipment so that it operates safely at maximum performance. We also have knowledgeable staff who can help with any problems you may encounter with your equipment after purchase. Alberta Powersports also offers different financing options designed to suit any budget!

Tips for choosing a Ride-On Mower:

  • Do not buy a mower that is too small for the amount of lawn you have. A larger, more powerful machine that is oversized, will be better than undersized.
  • Ensure that you purchase your equipment from an authorized dealer that can provide you with after-sales support, service and replacement parts.
  • Ask questions & research the mower that you are interested in. Reading the manual ahead of time will give you a better idea of what kind of maintenance is needed for that particular machine.
  • If you are unsure, ask your dealer to demonstrate different models and help you pick the one that is best for you!

If you are in the market for a new ride-on mower, or lawnmower, head on down to our showroom located at 700 Highfield Drive, Carstairs AB, and take a look at the different models that we have in stock. We would love to assist you in person or on the phone and help you make the right decision!

SPOT Gen3: Modernised technology for satellite communication


SPOT Gen3: Modernised technology for satellite communication

Alberta is well-known for its adventure sports due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and chilly winters, which attract both visitors as well as locals to indulge in powersports.

With a wide array of biking accessories and bikes/ATVs available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the perfect place for buying the required parts for bikes and ATVs as well as accessories for power sports. (An ATV is an ‘All Terrain Vehicle’ which may be a three, four or six wheeler bike that may be used for driving much better on a wider terrain of roads with a good control over hand bars for steering). However, we, at Alberta Powersports have a vision of not only selling the best quality of accessories and spare parts for ATV, bikes, marine sports as well as snowmobiles, but also to make sure that they are available at the lowest prices in the market.

Our product range is summarized as follows, for a clear picture of our collection:

For Bikes and ATVs:

  • Armrest / cushion
  • Sports box/trunk for storage of sports accessories
  • Helmets
  • Jackets, gloves, pants and other sportswear
  • Windshield, sideways mirror, anchors, handlebars, fender and other classic accessories for ATV
  • Chain, sprocket, and brush for bikes along with other tools
  • Oils and chemicals

Apart from the above-mentioned accessories, there are more than a hundred accessories, parts and gear for all the four major sections – Bikes, ATVs, Snowmobiles and Marine sports.
Another added bonus to our services includes repairs of motorbikes, ATV, UTV, marine products and other miscellaneous services like synthetic oil changes, service repairs, and shop supplies.

Alberta Powersports also provides equipment rentals for lawn and garden. The equipment available for rent includes mowers, tiller, trimmer, wheelbarrows, generator sets as well as other miscellaneous products.

The Company’s showroom and in-store inventory consists of classic as well as modern bikes and ATVs that are categorized into Pre-owned & New sections. Not only do we offer premium branded products but we also offer financing for the purchase of our products. For more details, you may contact us directly or through our website (www.albertapowersports.com).

We are proudly associated with many reputed brands, and take pride in being one of the best service providers in bikes and sports accessories category.

To keep up with the changing trends and the current revolution in power sports, Alberta Powersports has introduced the SPOT Gen3 to our collection of bike accessories.


“SPOT GEN3 gives you a critical, life-saving line of communication when you travel beyond the boundaries of cell service. The latest generation of award-winning SPOT devices, SPOT GEN3 lets family and friends know you’re okay, or if the worst should happen, sends emergency responders your GPS location – all with the push of a button. Add this rugged, pocket-sized device to your essential gear and stay connected wherever you roam.”

Aside from critical emergency communications, other features of the Spot Gen3 Include:

  • Tracking location on pathways as well as mountain trails
  • Allowing adjustment of speed as per tracks
  • Unlimited tracking with a detailed report
  • Storing pre-defined contacts of up to 10 members, which may include family and friends
  • Sending emergency alerts to pre-defined contacts via SMS along with the link of the current location of the bike
  • Presence of an S.O.S button on the device (which helps a person in emergency situations, by just a click of the button)
  • Informs your closed ones about your well-being, while being out of network coverage area
  • Can be easily connected to your vehicle and can be activated by motion


The above features are few of the basic features of this Satellite GPS tech device and. It also offers great advantage over previous models for bikers including longer battery life and lighter weight!

Tips for using the Spot Gen3:

  • It should be kept at a distance of 12 meters from other GPS devices
  • The logo on the device (SPOT) should be facing the sky for clear signal
  • The device needs a clear sky and might not work in caves, indoors or even dense woods
  • The device can only be used for one-way communication.


We sell our available products online at www.albertapowersports.com and we strive to make sure that we supply superior service for 100% customer satisfaction.

Our experience and expertise helps pave ways for our customers and prospective customers.



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