2023 HDK Forester 2 Electric Golf Cart

Motor Power 48V/6.3kw
Motor Controller 400A
Battery 100Ah Lithium battery
Battery Charging Time 4-5h
Top Speed 20-40km/h | Max Gradient (Full Load): 30%
Chassis Body: TPO injection moulding front cowl and rear body, Automotive designed dashboard, color matched body.
Frame Type E-coat and powder coated chassis

Our Price:

$13,000.00 CAD

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2023 HDK Electric Vehicles Forester 2
The HDK Forester 2 can be used for various purposes such as leisure activities, light off-roading, chores, and carrying goods. It offers versatility, higher ground clearance, bigger tires, a rugged front bumper and a sturdier build.

Unit is available in other colors, please call for details.

BATTERY POWERED: Complete with a lithium-ion battery with a fast charging speed, more charge cycles, and less maintenance.

COMFORT: This model provides you with unmatched maneuverability, increased comfort and performance.

WARRANTY: Certified by CE and ISO, we’re confident in the quality and reliability of our cars. We offer a 1 Year Warranty for each unit.

Features may include:

STORAGE BASKET: Storage is a necessity. That’s why we thought to give you an accessory storage basket on your cart, capable of holding up to 20 pounds with ease.

LED LIGHT: Powerful LED lights with less drain on your unit’s battery, and delivering 2-3 times wider field of vision than our competitors, so you can enjoy the ride worry-free, even after the sun goes down.

DASHBOARD: Adding personality and style to your cart, your new color matched dashboard is designed to improve aesthetic, comfort and function.

CEILING HANDLE: For a safe ride on a bumpy trail, find comfort in reaching for your ceiling handle.

TAIL LIGHT: With traditional bulbs, there can be a delay between when you press the brake and when the lights shine. The LED tail lights on your new HDK Golf Cart? Instantaneous, making your ride safer, and more noticeable.

CUPHOLDER: Everyone needs a cupholder! Reduce the risk of spills in your new ride, all while enjoying a cold beverage on a warm summer’s day.

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