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Pitster Pro was founded out of a need for an “out of the box” competitive Pit Bike. Pit bikes have been around for years and began life as basic transportation around the “Pits” during various race events. Naturally, boys will be boys and these racers began hopping up their bikes with larger motors and lightweight components, while still maintaining the small wheel size. This led to what is now sanctioned Pit Bike racing.

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At Alberta Powersports, we carry several models of Pitster Pro motorcycles in stock at our showroom!
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Pitster Motorcycles:

Pitster Pro MXR 90 Semi
Pitster Pro FSE 190R Fat Tire
GPX Moto FSE 250S 2022

Fortunately, at this time, Alberta Powersports is an official Pitster Pro Motorcycle dealer in Alberta. With access to parts and units, We are happy to provide warranty and service work on all Pitster Pro bikes and ATVs. Alberta Powersports is located in Carstairs, AB, with a $95/hour shop rate.