We are proud and excited to step back into the world of GPX & Pitster Pro Canada, becoming the first western Canadian retailer for their Pitster Pro bikes again.

Pitster Pro Alberta motorcycles have a reputation for affordable and incredible products. Also, we are thrilled to provide sales, parts and service to our customers in Alberta and western Canada!

The Pitster bike line up of competitive prices mini bikes is the best on the market. And now we are so excited to be carrying the line in 2021, with history of being a dealer for the Pitster Pro line we know all about their function and performance.

It’s about riding and it become affordable again!

Some of the the amazing 2021 Pitster Pro bike lineup:

  1. FSE 60 Automatic 2021
  2. MXR 90 Semi-auto 2021
  3. XJR 110 Manual 2021
  4. XJR 110 Semi-Auto 2021
  5. GPX Moto FSE 250S 2021
  6. Moto FSE 250E 2021
  7. Moto TSE 250R 2021
  8. GPX Moto FSE 450R 2021

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This motorcycle brand is a family owned and operated business that was established by motorcycle enthusiastic riders. All started in the early 2000’s when they started to take small 50cc motorcycles and try to turn them into mini supercross bikes. Therefore, when they got tired of spending thousands on a small bike and saw the opportunity to develop a complete mass production they began the Pitster Pro product line. Furthermore, you can read here their history.

Bikes and motorsports are our passion. As a family run and operated business located in Carstairs Alberta. Furthermore, Alberta Powersports specialize in both new and used powersports equipment, ranging from used motorcycles up to snowmobiles. Read more about us.