Ready to sling some serious mud? The AMS SlingShot is the tire for mud runners everywhere. Although designed as an aggressive mud tire, the SlingShot is also quite capable in all terrain, whether it be mud, snow, sand or a day of trail riding the Slingshot is your best shot.

While the wide open tread design makes for an excellent self-cleaning tire, the dimpled tread elements on the surface of each lug offer better bite. Unlike most aggressive tires, the SlingShot will not jar the fillings out of your teeth when riding your quad out of the bog.

Massive reinforced lugs extend to the center line of the tire to smooth things out on the hardpack… but still keep clawing through when things get sloppy! Speaking of sloppy, large shoulder lugs wrap the sidewall to provide extra side bite when things get really slick. Best of all, unlike many mud & snow tires on the market, the SlingShot tires are DOT- approved.