As of May 2017, the Alberta government requires the use of a proper helmet while riding any off road vehicle in a public land use area.

“Thousands of people are injured every year while riding off-highway vehicles (OHVs) in Alberta. According to the Injury Prevention Centre, many of those injuries involve head trauma to riders who weren’t wearing helmets.

As of May 15, 2017, CSA-compliant helmets must be worn by OHV users when riding on public land. Public land means Crown land, including areas that have been designated for public OHV use, public roadway and highway rights-of-way.”

Alberta Powersports cares about your safety, so here are some things to consider when purchasing an off-road helmet!

Types of Helmets:
Full Face – These helmets provide the best protection. They come with a built in face shield that extends in front of your chin and mouth, so in the event of a crash, your face will be protected from scrapes and impacts. These helmets usually have a visor as well, to keep wind, dust, and bugs off of your face. Although they cover the whole face, these helmets are usually more rigid than a Motocross helmet, so if you are mainly doing off-road riding, a Motocross helmet will provide better impact absorption.

Open Face – These helmets provide the least amount of protection and does not cover any of the face area. These helmets will protect you from direct head impacts, however they are not recommended for ATV or Dirt Bike Use.

Off-Road & Motocross Helmets – These helmets are engineered specifically for off road use, and are the best choice for ATVing or riding a Dirt Bike. The helmet covers most of the face, and they are built from special materials that have maximum impact dissipating capabilities. These helmets also offer the best ventilation to keep you cool during your ride.

Alberta Powersports has a wide selection of helmets, both in our store in Carstairs, AB, and on our online store. Give us a shout, or visit our online store to learn more!